Check-in and Check-out times: Check-in time is 14.00, Check-out time is 12.00.

Wireless Internet: Wireless Internet access is available free of charge in all areas of the hotel.

Lifts: The maximum capacity of the lifts is 320 kg. Please follow the instructions for use written in the lifts.

Health Services: We have an agreement with a private hospital in Kemer. If you need medical assistance, please contact the reception. This service is provided by the hospital for a fee.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in closed areas by law.

Minibus - Taxi: Minibuses pass in the direction of Kemer - Antalya during the day from the bus stop in front of the hotel. If you want to use a taxi, you can request a taxi from the reception. You can find the taxi price tariff at the reception.

Cleaning (common areas): When cleaning in common areas, the floor may be slippery. Please be careful when walking on wet areas.

Pool: Open for use between 08.00 and 18.30. Cleaning operations and routine spraying of the pool are carried out outside these hours. For this reason, it is inconvenient to use the pool outside 08.00 -18.30 hours in terms of health and safety.

Sunbeds - Umbrellas - Cushions: There are sunbeds - umbrellas - cushions ready for your use free of charge by the pool and on the beach belonging to our hotel. For everyone's convenience, please do not reserve sunbeds by placing towels and personal belongings on them. Towels and personal belongings will be collected from the reserved sunbeds and left at the reception.

Local Bazaar: Camyuva bazaar is organised every week on Wednesday at the entrance of Camyuva next to the municipality. You can reach the bazaar in about 10 minutes by minibuses passing regularly from the stop in front of the hotel, in about 5 minutes by taxi or in about 35 minutes on foot.

Rent a car: You can get the necessary information from the reception.

Sea: The depth of the sea may suddenly exceed your height. Therefore, please be careful when entering the sea.

Visitors: We kindly ask you to inform the reception in advance about your visitors coming from outside the hotel. Since our facility operates with the "All inclusive" system, non-hotel visitors are subject to a facility usage fee.